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A few years ago buyers in China is only a concept, practitioners little. Buyers in the domestic development model, industry awareness of the concerns raised. In CHIC 2010, the professional buyers frequent figure. This is rather strange for people to career is Approaching. CHIC serves as a high-end Clothing One of the activities of dealers, CHIC2010 to "buyers in China," the theme of the Forum carried out buyers and explore patterns in the domestic buyers Clothing Market trends, industry market leading dealer response under changes in terminal mode of thinking, creative industry business model.

Western buyers and small Different market environment, destined to buyers in Western popular model in China, the pattern changes. Buyer model is the late sixties of last century originated from the United Kingdom together, this model has been extended to several decades now, while China's buyers short history of the development model. CHIC2010, the organizers invited a number of fashion buyers, buyers who talk about occupation, revealed inside story on the buyer model, the domestic well-known data of buyers Management Shao Ligang experts said in an interview: "Chinese buyers are business model really recognized, it should be over a decade, also between five to ten years, the biggest difference is that now the foreign buyers are mainly department stores the main buyers. "department store in China Marketing Models and are a lot of difference. Abroad, many brands by their direct Proxy , The department store's buyers directly to order these brands at the next one. There are a number of foreign department stores have their own brand, their own brand of intellectual property operations, of course, buy the right to have their own orders, so they extended from the department store on a new career?? Buyers.

In China, department store buyers are basically close to 0, because the Chinese department store operator is not a commercial model, the Chinese department store brands is to provide an area, the introduction of the brand, they provide a source, department stores Market does not care about brands to make money or not, on any goods, most Chinese department store operator is the property model. As stressed that the property model, so China does not have a department store buyers, there is space. Western department store buyers for large degree of attention, but China is different from the current state of China's department store department store buyers, the decision is no room for development in China's.

Buyers are not dressed Fashion buyers, appears to be a work of infinite beauty, but fashion is not as buyer looks so romantic, and sometimes really is manual labor.

Shao Ligang told reporters during the CHIC2010 frankly said: "'I Fifth Avenue in New York today, tomorrow, to the Champs Elysees a cup of coffee', which stressed the buyers walk fashion in each country's business environment described only as a concept. In fact, this is inside the industry, we at the misrepresentation of what buyers actually not that bright, buyer is tired of work, I worked in Japanese companies in three and a half of the buyers , very tired. "As buyers in the acquisition of information before a large number of analytical work on the enterprise products, enterprise products, consumer groups, such as preferences, the brand market, net sales have the data, so the year, buyers with less than 15% of the time for major fashion business environment to collect information, there may be more than 30% of the time to do data analysis, tracking of goods, buyers were aware of their procurement of goods sold in various ways. So buyers have a lot of time to do market analysis, then this rational analysis, combined with pop elements to make a rational purchase, he should be the rational thing to market and make an effective combination of aesthetics.
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Chic2010 Bring Buyers Hot: Western Buyers And Small - Clothes, Women's Clothing - Clothing

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Chic2010 Bring Buyers Hot: Western Buyers And Small - Clothes, Women's Clothing - Clothing

This article was published on 2011/01/15