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In selling your homes, expect that you would get to meet diverse groups of people. They may have different races, beliefs, personalities and attitudes. As a seller, you have to keep-up with their differences. You also need to be flexible since each person that comes along the way maybe a qualified buyer.

However, there is one thing that you need to ensure in this kind of transaction. That is avoiding offending your potential buyers. You have to be careful on how you act or speak towards with them. If you offend them, they will be turned-off by the situation. As a result, you might end up blowing your chances of getting good offers or perhaps closing the sale.

It should be easy to prevent making offenses towards your buyers. To learn the specifics, check out the following:

1. Make sure your home is properly staged before showing it to them.

Sometimes, they might think that you made a fool out of them by hurting their expectations. Perhaps, you might have used the words: beautiful and fantastic. But when they saw the property, it turned out to be a dump rather than their idea of a dream home. Buyers can be easily displeased if you set their expectations yet it ended up the total opposite.

You also have to depersonalize your home. As mentioned above, people who come in have different beliefs and ideals. Therefore, take away any forms of nudity or religious items, to keep the neutrality of the place. Hanging them around might offend them too.

Therefore, it is just right that you stage your home before opening it for inspection. Staging covers everything: keeping your home in its show case form, at the same time depersonalizes it. Invest a little to make your property's condition match your ad's descriptions.

2. Do not be judgmental or discriminating towards them.

Treat your clients equally. Keep the same perky and kind attitude in dealing with them. People need not to look rich or dress well to afford buying your home. Some qualified buyers may pretty well conceal their financial abilities by how they look. And mind you, people who dress well might just be posers.

3. When you open your homes for show, keep your pets locked in their cages or might as well send them away for the day.

Buyers may be well offended if your pets attack them as they check the place. Even the presence of growling and barking pets can be displeasing. Of course, this might not always be the case. However, you must know that not all buyers are pet-lovers.

4. Avoid playing hardball.

It is understandable that you might be emotionally attached to your homes. That is the reason why you might not consider giving discounts or lowering your prices. If you do not make room for negotiations, you might end-up having disappointed buyers withdrawing their offers. As you constantly loose the qualified and interested ones, your home's "number of days on the market" will increase. This could be bad for your property as it decreases its value.

5. Being present on the open show

If you are not doing FSBO, let the agent handle the dealings. Your presence may intimidate buyers. Moreover, you might and end-up being defensive when they may comments about your home. However, if you really want to be there, it is better that you make your presence discreet.

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Sellers - Don't Offend Your Buyers

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This article was published on 2010/03/28