Today's Economy - Who Has the Power, Buyers Or Sellers?

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What is the state of today's economic scenario?

The withering economy has sent ripples across the world calling for a consolidated effort to stabilize the foundation and fill in the loopholes avoiding a disastrous impact on the financial system as a whole. It is no doubt that the effect of an inefficiently managed state of affairs and the greed of unscrupulous businessmen, who have driven the growth of economy for their own profits. Falling into the natural phase of recession and depression the economy has to rebound into the recovery stage. No income, no money and consequentially no activity. A fall in the demand for commodities is the result of no takers in the economy.

The power of Buyers and Sellers in today's economy

Abundant supply and no demand is the sign of a buyers market. Buying and selling are the major components of a trading activity keep the market alive. Where there are no takers, the sellers have to invent ways to keep the market going. Buyers are now in a position to dictate the market rules and can bargain hard to make their deal. Seller's naturally given to the demands of the buyers.

In a recession period, it is but natural for the buyer's to either delay their decision to purchase or even stop their projects temporarily. While both buyers and sellers face a credit crunch, it is the buyers who dictate. The sellers adopt what you call the reactive and proactive approach in such testing times. While the reactive method is about hoping things to be positive and not disturbing the customer until he calls up, the proactive method is slightly different, wherein you call him and share with him your experiences in the current scenario and know his view point.

Manufacturing sector, infrastructure based industries, commodities market, real estate, finance; it is buyer's market everywhere. In times of 'no money', the buyer is the king. It is contradictory, but yet, it is the truth. Where individuals struggle to pay their loans, the real estate is getting cheaper. While buyers decide the move, it is the sellers persuasion which has the power to drive the buyer's decision.

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Today's Economy - Who Has the Power, Buyers Or Sellers?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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